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Extract data from Facebook

Only takes a couple of seconds!

F! Data Miner is an addon for Google Chrome browser that helps you extract Facebook visible data into an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file

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Scrape Facebook posts and extract content.
Extract thousands of users who like/share/comment on pages/groups/profiles.
Also extract friend lists and followers lists from user profile pages.

Facebook Data Miner - Extract Facebook Posts to Excel & CSV
Facebook Data Miner - Extract Facebook Posts to Excel & CSV

Watch F! Data Miner extracting information from Facebook

Why is F! Data Miner incredible?

Because you can extract information with a single click!

How F! Data Miner works

F! Data Miner is a Chrome extension that extracts data from a Facebook page, group or profile into a clean table Excel CSV file.

It simulates with great speed a normal procedure of scrolling through the posts, opening likes/shares/comments boxes and loading more, then closing and continuing to the next post. All scraping takes place on your machine. Your data is always private and secure and does not leave your local machine.

Download a sample CSV file containing 173 posts extracted from Facebook group “Donald Trump for President

Download Sample CSV file

Are you a business and need premium scraping?

F! Data Miner offers multiple subscription plans, from free to paid, to fit your needs, depending on how many users and posts you intend to scrape each month.

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